Jiu Jitsu and the Case of the Missing Pants

Guys, I can’t find my pants.

Well, not just any pants, my Under Armour compression capri pants that I like to wear in competition. It’s not really the end of the world, I have other capri workout pants like them, but that particular pair fit the best, and (I would never admit this to the other pairs…if they were, you know, animate objects) they are my favorite.

And I can’t find them. And it’s starting to irk me, enough to write a blog post about it.

Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing or gear that you like to train and compete with, and then you seem to lose? Isn’t it kind of annoying?

Feel free to share your story, otherwise have a great day everyone!


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3 responses to “Jiu Jitsu and the Case of the Missing Pants

  1. Just lost one compression running sock. The pair I bought was really new! I suppose I’ll sport one sock, similar to the LL Cool J one pant leg shit he used to do.

  2. This is funny, but I have a favorite pair of compression shorts as well…. and let’s not forget the girls, there is a favorite for them as well! lol

  3. I misplaced my favorite workout headband that says “Suck it up, Cupcake!” I have another that says “You don’t smell like a Princess anymore” but I don’t like it as much as the other (even though they’re the same brand and color). I found the Cupcake headband after several months…in one of my travel bags!

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