Website Frustrations and other fun stuff

So I’m on the phone with IT for no, not for this blog, for my job.

So…how you guys doin’? Anything good happening today? Anything frustrating the hell out of you that you would care to share?

Anyway, train hard and have a great day everyone!

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One response to “Website Frustrations and other fun stuff

  1. Good luck with go-daddy! I work for a small hosting company – customer service at the mega companies can be hard to work with sometimes.

    I’m currently so frustrated with my martial arts club and trying to evaluate how I can find the right balance again. There’s so much politics and lack of …consistency in the higher rank leadership. The structure is convoluted, priorities seem muddled. But we just want to train, me and the other lower rank students. So much seems to be getting in the way of that.

    I’m setting up some limits for myself and going to just let some things go, at least for awhile. Summer’s coming and things will be quiet then. Maybe I can focus on training for my second dan in October.

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