BJJ Competition: Accomplishing Goals to Make Way for New Ones

Happy Monday everyone!

Our team headed up to Harlem this past weekend and competed in the IBJF’s New York Spring Open. Our guys fought hard and had the pleasure of bringing home some medals. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone in my division, but I had a chance to compete in the Open: I won my first match, lost my second and walked away with silver.

Both matches were good in a sense that I was able to achieve some goals, and had the opportunity to create some new ones. Competition in jiu jitsu can show your progress, and also expose your weaknesses-which I am willing to admit Saturday did both for me: it showed where I excel, but also elements of my game that I need to work on.

I think it’s beneficial to set goals for yourself when it comes to competition, separate from the outcome of the match. I’m not saying that wanting to win a match isn’t a noble goal to pursue, but I am referring to a focus on some secondary goals, like getting a sweep that you have been working on, successfully executing a takedown, or heck, not do that thing you always do that your coach yells at you for doing. I feel this creates a more all-encompassing approach to jiu jitsu competition, rather than just solely focused on getting a win, and can show progress even amidst a loss.

Do you have any goals for competition? Well, other than winning you matches of course…Let me know, otherwise have a great day everyone!


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2 responses to “BJJ Competition: Accomplishing Goals to Make Way for New Ones

  1. I saw your matches, great work!

  2. Theodosis

    I recently entered my first competition, the Greek bjj nationals and as you, I fought 2 matches, won the first, lost the second and got silver. I only got the second fight on video and was extremely happy to watch it over and over again, mainly to see how I executed a deep half guard sweep to side control. I totally agree on your points about not only focusing on the win, needless to say how welcome it is when comes. I’m not Galvao and probably neither are you so we have the luxury of enjoying our losses.
    Allow me to share a link of my deep half guard sweeo I’m refering to and the link to my facebook bjj group.
    Thanks, Theo.

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