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Article by Val Worthington Regarding the Jiu Jitsu Salieri

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Val Worthington wrote a great article about the Jiu Jitsu Salieri– someone who care deeply for the sport, but who one would not consider a prodigy or dynamo, much like Antonio Salieri, who was a musician and contemporary of Mozart. And if you don’t recognize the name Salieri, well that’s sort of the point: the film and play Amadeus are about the composer, who takes issue with Mozart- who is quite gifted, but whose manners and attitude in contrast are quite crude, while Salieri wallows in his own mediocrity.

I feel that everyone has a place in the BJJ community, and agree with her sentiment that you should find a place in the community that dovetails with your strengths and other attributes. Hell, even if you do win tournaments left and right, you should have something outside of the tournament circuit to concentrate your time on. Maybe because I think in the long term sometimes, but our bodies can only take so much punishment, and there may (or probably) will come a time when you can no longer compete- due to illness, injury or any other sort of major life event. To find something in which you can give back to the BJJ community without being a tournament competitor I believe gives you the greatest chance to be happy, to be involved in the sport and culture without putting your body constantly at risk of breaking down.

Jiu jitsu in so many ways is still relatively new, and I really believe there is still plenty of room for innovation and new ideas. As Val Worthington also points out, even if you are a not a jiu jitsu prodigy, the jiu jitsu community still needs people with a variety of skills and strengths and you can most certainly find a way to contribute, even on a smaller scale.

Check out the article and let me know what you think. Otherwise, have a great day (night…whatever) everyone!

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