Happy Friday: Banned Substances Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So, I am sure you have all heard by now that Gabi Garcia tested positive for clomiphene- I think that’s how you spell it- after competing in the 2013’s IBJJF Worlds.  From what I gather about this drug, it’s used as a fertility drug to promote ovulation, but according to the Almighty Wikipedia and other sources, it is also used as a post cycle therapy drug, to help rebalance one’s hormones after throwing them out of whack, like after a cycle of steroids. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s how it’s used.

While she did test positive, the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) found Garcia at no fault after an investigation in the matter. Garcia claims there was a cross contamination in supplements, or gynecological medicine she was taking…

…Someone’s not telling the whole story here, in my opinion. I don’t really believe the whole cross-contamination story, unless Garcia is really going to the absolute worst, back alley gynecologist and pharmacist in the world, who would mix medications together. Honestly, I would believe she was willingly taking clomiphene to treat infertility before believing cross-contamination.

Also, when thinking about this, I realized I would be terrible at taking steroids: I’m pretty good about taking medications and supplements, but considering how forgetful I can be about some things…Yeesh… Our hormones and that whole system I feel is something for the most part you shouldn’t mess with unless there is something quite wrong, or you are using something like for fertility or birth control, or you need to otherwise correct a imbalance or treat a problem that is threatening your quality of life- and you are under the close supervision of a medical professional. I won’t tell anyone else how to live their lives, it’s just a choice I wouldn’t make.

What do you guys think about the whole situation? Let me know- otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!



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3 responses to “Happy Friday: Banned Substances Edition

  1. Love that you’re pointing out the dangers of manipulating hormone levels in the body. Hormones are undervalued in how much they affect the body – growth, recovery, susceptibility to illness, mood and more. Even more of a risk is manipulating the system by introducing new hormones (or precursors) via drugs, prescription or otherwise.

    Take all the buzz around TRT use in MMA lately… with the Nevada commission saying no more TUEs will be issued, fighters have pulled out of upcoming fights; not only did they have low testosterone before starting TRT, their bodies have adapted to the therapy in a way that it’s no longer capable of producing even low levels of testosterone. I would not be surprised if these fighters never return to form after cycling off TRT… and in some cases, there may be permanent damage.

    The thing is, the body will self-regulate hormones properly given the right diet and lifestyle choices. There are natural ways to manipulate hormone levels in safe fashion that DON’T inhibit the body’s abilities in the future… but then you’re just a regular person with truly balanced hormones and not a pharmaceutical grade superhero.

  2. If you read between the lines here, they are softballing Gabi on this one because clomiphene has few if any performance enhancing effects in women. It’s used by men to block estrogen and up-regulate the production of endogenous testosterone by the testes. It has neither of these effects in women. So it’s kind of a foolish drug for women to take unless they are trying to conceive.
    Her response seems fishy, but taking fertility drugs in a predominantly catholic country, isn’t going to win you any popularity contests. So who knows.
    As for the MMA/TRT deal one of the things that isn’t being addressed is the connection between brain trauma and the lowering of testosterone production. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16470352
    So getting kicked in the head is bad for your hormone levels.. not to mention previous exogenous hormone use (alone or in combination with TBI)
    Great blog.
    Happy friday!

  3. .

    One thing I wonder, but wasn’t able to figure out in under a minute of googling, was if clomiphene is a no-threshold compound under the WADA rules? Because no-threshold compounds, frankly, are just a dare for analytical chemists. Give them enough time, and they’ll give you an absurdly low detection limit. At this point, given the ubiquity of all kinds of different pharmaceuticals in surface and sometimes drinking water, I basically buy the accidental ingestion argument for any no-threshold compound (Alberto Contador in cycling and his “tainted beef” being my go-to example… do I have any doubt he was doping? no… with clenbuterol? a 140 pound endurance athlete? uhhh….)

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