Happy Friday: Spring Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Spring has finally sprung! At this rate I’m hoping we’ll all thaw out by, oh, June maybe. Here on the East Coast we’re expected to get a sunny day tomorrow with a high temp in the mid-60’s-seriously, I can’t wait.

Actually, I was thinking about this while out in Cali: It would be great to have a tournament in CA in something like a large tent, like you would have at a fair, so we sun deprived competitors could catch a few rays in between matches. But then again we would probably all get sun burned, and that would suck…

What do you guys think? Would you be down for a technically outdoor tournament, or would you prefer to keep your grappling competitions indoors? Let me know, otherwise have a great weekend!



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One response to “Happy Friday: Spring Edition

  1. Yes, outdoor, no tent. …well, maybe the main event under a tent. But that’d be great. Something like a basketball or tennis court. Not sure how the mats would hold up but I’d love it.

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