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Ladies and the Battle to Make Weight

We all sort of know it, but really don’t have much evidence to quote and back up our claim, and admittedly, we’re usually talking about it in a sort of anectodal way and not in terms of research: it’s harder for women to lose weight than men. Which makes sense in an evolutionary perspective- women need fat to reproduce and ensure the propagation of the human race. A beautiful theory when you look at it from a grand sweeping view of humanity and history in general- a huge pain in the ass when you have a tournament in a couple of weeks and your body decides to drive to mad by holding onto water weight like nobody’s business.

There was an article on Tabata Times about 5 different ways a woman’s metabolism differ from a man’s. I’ve been a little hesitant to post this article, mainly because I wanted to find the studies where these facts were coming from. I really wasn’t able to find much, so I would say which this is an interesting conversation piece I wouldn’t take it as gospel unless you can find the research to back it up, of course. And even then I would proceed with caution and really do what works best for you; for instance it says that intermittent fasting is detrimental to women- maybe you are on an intermittent fasting diet and it’s working great for you, don’t let some article making a generalization sway you from what works best for your body.

One interesting study I did find was the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, conducted in World War II. They found after a period of weight loss soldiers would stop losing weight, essentially going into starvation mode and had the psychological profile of every grappler I have known who was cutting weight for a tournament (well, except for the possibly accidental self mutilation). What forced their bodies to give up the water weight? Eating extra calories, believe it or not. The Wikiepedia article I read didn’t really have much on this subject, but there are articles across the internet talking about the “whoosh” effect, where after the spike in calories the water weight of these soldiers quickly dropped.  So, ladies, holding onto some water weight for a couple of weeks, and you know it’s not from your cycle? Try eating some extra calories and see what happens.

Just some interesting info on a Monday morning. Have a great day everyone!

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