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Happy Friday: Death of the Stinkbug Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So if you live in the US and have experienced the invasion of the Asian stinkbug (and if you haven’t, you’re quite lucky) there’s good news- apparently it’s been so cold this winter that a large amount of these critters have died off. According to…people who monitor these things, usually the stinkbug hides out over the winter, sitting tight in attics and shingles until the winter is over and they can invadeĀ everything all over again. But, apparently due to the polar vortex it’s been so cold these bugs can’t survive the temps and have been dying in larger numbers than usual.

I never thought there would be a silver lining to this particularly cold winter, but there you have it. And what does this have to do with jiu jitsu?

Absolutely nothing, that’s what.


Check out the article and join me in celebrating this good news. Otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!

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