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Your Conversation Style in BJJ

JiuJiu has a nice post over on her site about your “conversation” style when rolling in BJJ: are you a coffeeshop kind of player in training, with a casual, easy back and forth with your partner, are you more argument, a style that I sometimes sum with a quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. I think all the styles she lays out have their time and place, depending on who you are training with and how you are feeling that day, if you have any injuries, getting ready for a tournament, etc. I imagine the more you train, the more experienced you become in the other “styles”, becoming well versed in changing modes to fit the situation and even the atmosphere of the training session, or as our coach calls it, “the rhythm of the room”.

Personally, I like to think I’m more debate, although there are definitely times I slide into presentation, because I’m so focused on “making my point” if you will, that I sort of ignore the turn taking. Oops. Also, I would like to add a conversation style to the list: I’m not at all proud of this one, because it’s how I have sometimes dealt with the “argument” partners- stonewalling. Sort of an extension of presentation, you shut down the other person completely, absolutely no receptivity, emotionally withdraw from the conversation and attempt to end it as quickly as possible. Again I’m not at all proud to admit it: it hasn’t happened often and much like after a real argument with someone, I have felt pretty terrible about it afterwards- jiu jitsu should always be a conversation, a back and forth between you and the other person.

Check it out and let me know what you feel your “conversation” style is in bjj, or leave a comment on JiuJiu’s site. Either way, have a great day everyone!

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