Grenade Self Defense….What?

So I caught this on The Ground Never Misses: a clip of a Krav Maga instructor showing people how to use a hand grenade in self defense…


First and foremost, I have nothing against Krav Maga. I am sure there are many strengths to it, and I’m sure there are possibly some real life applications to it. Admittedly I’m not entirely sure, as I have never  take a Krav Maga class in my entire life. But when it comes to hand grenades, eh, I think I like my game plan best.

Run. Run far and run fast. These moves may look cool and slick, badass even, in reality you only have so many seconds to react and I would like to spend that time getting away from an explosive device.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think. Otherwise, have a great day everyone!



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3 responses to “Grenade Self Defense….What?

  1. The problem I have with a lot of self defense stuff is that it is theoretical. If this happens, here’s what I “plan” to do. But unless you’ve been in that situation specifically, you’ll never know. It’s like doing techniques and never actually rolling in BJJ. Now I know Krav does have techniques which were definitely developed out of necessity and have been used in real life situations. But I think some of this stuff is purely theory. If you want to see some silly stuff. Go look up knife defense and see these guys showing how to disarm someone with kicks, Walker Texas Ranger style.

  2. 99% of self defense is just being aware. It’s said that you will be stabbed up to three times, before you even notice that someone is stabbing you just from the shock alone.
    When someone attacks you and your not prepared for it. The shock of that, I think creates a 5-10 second delay before you do anything.

  3. Ok…first to Chewy – Walker Texas Ranger-style? Please warn me before you do that. I nearly spit out my coffee!!

    As for Krav Maga – most of you know that while my love is BJJ, I do hold a Level II with Krav Maga Worldwide. It’s an incredible self-defense system. And the deeper I go into BJJ, the more I realize there are deep connections between the two. Sure, people watch videos of ‘grenade defense’…or ‘sidewinder missile from a jet fighter defense’…and cry foul. Some of that is true. But the basic curriculum is major muscle movement blocking, punching, elbowing, and kicking/kneeing. What do you do if someone attacks you? Maybe you are knocked down. Maybe they punch you in the back of the head and try to drag you into a van. Maybe it’s just that drunk guy at a bar who wants to let loose his inner Hulk. Having awareness and hours of training/repetition under your belt is a wonderful security blanket. Predatory violence requires a response. And knowing how to punch, kick, knee, (or grab the barrel/hand of a pistol or knife in order to get the pointy end away from you, whatever) to survive an attack is a good thing. And Chewy is right…I’ll never know what I’ll do in a predatory situation. I may just curl up in a ball and cry for mommy. Likewise, knowing to back away from drunk Hulk and feed his ego, avoiding a confrontation…that’s equally as good. A good Krav Maga school will teach all that.

    I know I’m all over the place here…sorry for that! In the end, who would win: Krav Maga versus hand grenade? Rickson by armbar, of course.

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