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From the Inside Looking Out

I had an interesting experience on Saturday- I came in earlier than usual, for two reasons: a) to warm up and b) there is a bjj intro class on Saturday mornings, and sometimes we have women who take BJJ and due to religious obligations can’t touch men, so it’s nice to have an extra female here and there to throw into the mix. Fortunately there were two women in the class on Saturday, and so I had a chance to take my time, warm up and chat with my teammate, also a female and was also there early.

What made the experience interesting was I kept noticing one of the two white belt women glancing in our direction- which I thought was a little odd, but then I tried to look at it from her perspective: she’s just starting as a white belt, and not only now knows there are other women in the academy (I mean, you can logically & theoretically, know something but then the evidence is right in your face and then you know it, if that makes sense) but apparently higher belt women- purples and browns that you know, just apparently lay around and chill on the side of the mat on Saturday mornings. Living, breathing proof that women like her not do this sport and do it for a long time, but can excel and reach a high level.

It’s kind of funny to think about: when I started jiu jitsu the high ranking females were training, but they were also few and far in between. Not to brag but we have a pretty strong female presence in our academy- two browns, a couple purples and a slew of blue and white belt ladies. There have been classes where the male to female ratio was equal, and on average we’ll have approximately 5 to 6 women at a time in class. It’s something that I definitely thinks is awesome, but over time it’s something that you sort of take for granted, and that Saturday morning just reminded me of the rare, and really great situation we have in our academy.

Anyway, just wanted to share that experience with you all.  Have a great day everyone!



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