Happy Friday: Long Hair Edition

I had a reader recently ask what to do about tying up longer hair when training, and avoiding that whole “short chunk of hair in the back”…thing. You know what I’m talking about- those hairs that get ripped out when someone is pushing their hand under your neck for head control, and catch a couple of strands along the way.

Personally, I kind of just put up with it and tie my hair up in a bun- it’s definitely not the best solution, but it’s what I do. I’ve just sort of resigned myself to the fact that it’s going to get ripped out one way or another. Again, not the best solution, but I also live under the impression (delusion) that since my hair is so curly that the breakage and random short pieces really aren’t that noticeable.

Some other female bloggers have also talked about this issue: some, like JiuJiu chopped it off in favor of a pixie-like haircut, Meg from Tangled Triangle discussed her hair regimen to help her locks stay healthy,  and Meg of Megjitsu compiled an entire Facebook album of what others have done.

Hope this helps- have a great weekend everyone!


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5 responses to “Happy Friday: Long Hair Edition

  1. I used to French braid. I used to do two pigtails, braided. I have even tried wrestling headgear with a “slicker” made for the purpose of protecting hair. (Way too hot, and got tired of being called Sputnik.) Now I just ponytail and don’t really fight the hand shooting for the crossface– I lift my head to protect my hair. And mourn the thick ponytail that is no longer. The sacrifices we make for jiu jitsu 🙂

    • Katie

      The braid always seems appealing, but I always have loose pieces of hair sticking out by the end of a rolling session, so I find the ponytail/bun to be the best option. We used to have a girl who would wear headgear and the cap- the guys would call her batman

  2. I wear extensions exclusively now. I’d much rather “bought” hair be damaged and pulled out than my own lol

  3. Lol I started to grow my hair out and I have curly hair also. Friday night a clump of hair got pulled out as a guy went for head control from mount. It was an interesting sensation. Who knew the girls of BJJ had it so tough

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