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Training in BJJ is Keeping You Healthy on a Molecular Level

You know, I sort of wish I could find interesting science articles often enough to post them weekly, but for now I’m just sharing them with you as I find them, including this one: we all know exercise is beneficial in the long run, helping improve our quality of life especially as we get older- at least that’s what I tell myself now and again.

This recent study suggests there is a relationship between a hormone, irisin, that is released after exercise and the length of telomeres, a small region at the end of chromosomes- short telomeres have been associated with age related illnesses, ┬ásuch as Alzheimer’s. Individuals with higher levels of this hormone, presumably because they exercise more, were shown to have longer telomeres, meaning they were less likely to have age related illnesses. So think of it this way- every time you train, you are helping keep yourself fit in the long run, even down to the molecular level.

Hooray, science!


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