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Article on How Non-Competitors Can Stay Motivated in BJJ


Groundwork had a nice little article about how non-competitors can stay motivated to train in BJJ. I’m trying to rack my brain if there is anything that I could add to this article, and really the only thing I can think of is this: non-competitors are just as important to an academy as the ones that go out and do competition. Yes, I absolutely encourage people to compete, even in small in-house tournaments because if nothing else you can think of it as a report card, or systems check: in your greatest moment of stress (because let’s be honest, who isn’t stressed and nervous about tournaments) what will you remember?

But, there are some people who realize competition just isn’t their bag: it’s not something they enjoy, and something they would rather not partake in. And that’s absolutely fine: not everyone’s adventure (know I usually say journey, but I like adventure so much more) through jiu jitsu includes ¬†competition. But that doesn’t mean your experience, your training, your time on the mat is any less valuable than the hardcore competitor. It just means you are taking a different path than someone else. I would think one of the biggest motivations to stay active in BJJ is to really take to heart the Human Chess concept- thinking of it as a puzzle that needs to be solved. Also, really embracing the community element of BJJ-stay active in your gym’s community, and participate in outside, non-competitive activities such as the Grapplethons and charity grappling events. ¬†It’s easier to stay engaged in an activity when you are neck deep in the community, and jiu jitsu has a ridiculously active, welcoming community for the most part.

So, that’s pretty much what I have to say about the subject. On an unrelated note, so I have a guilty pleasure: I enjoy watching comic book movies- and did you guys see the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer? I just watched it, and that is definitely one I watch to catch this summer.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!

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