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Evernote vs SpringPad- Thoughts?

So heads up, this really has nothing to do with jiu jitsu. Or maybe it does, if you think hard enough about it, since it sort of has to do with nutrition.

I really like cooking and baking: I think it’s pretty fun, to be perfectly honest. And lately I’ve been looking up recipes that appear to be both tasty and healthy. My big issue with this though is I save these recipes like, everywhere: bookmarks in my web browser, bookmarks on feedly, even sometimes emails to myself. I was thinking over the weekend it would be great to have an app, a virtual recipe box if you will, that I could save all of this stuff, and could categorize with different tags depending on what I would like to make.

So far the two best apps/sites I have found are Evernote and SpringPad. I have primarily been using both on my phone, and they both have their pros and cons. I’m going to list them here- granted I’ve only been playing with both apps for about a day or two, so there is a very good chance you know of some feature of these that I am just not aware of. Anyway, here we go!



1. You can email a recipe or post from feedly or whatever site you are on directly into your Evernote notebook.

2. Notebooks that can easily be sorted through tags

3. Evernote Food: save a bunch of notes on a variety of subjects, but just want your recipes? There’s an app for that! Evernote has a sort of subapp called evernote food that syncs with your main Evernote account so your recipes can all be found in one place, along with any other food related stuff (restaurants you want to go to, pictures of food you made, etc.)


1. While you can email from feedly to Evernote, the formatting gets a little wonky, and sometimes all you get is a link, which you then have to open through the evernote app, to then finally get the option to save as a sort of web clip, rather than having the option set up in your quick action menu…I think that’s what you call it.

2. Limited customization options- maybe it’s just hidden somewhere that I can’t see, but you really don’t have the option to change any color schemes, backgrounds, etc.

3. Evernote Food: While it’s great for people who use Evernote for lots of different things, for someone like me who is pretty much only using the main app only to store recipes, it’s sort of double the work.



1. Phone WebClipper: You can set up SpringPad on your phone to clip a recipe from a the safari browser and save into a notebook, which was one of the major drawbacks in my opinion with Evernote.

2. Customization of Notebook Icons: when they say notebooks, they actually have icons of notebooks that you can choose a background and color accents for: which may seem superfluous to a lot of people, but for a visual person like me, it’s pretty great.

3. Social Option: You have the ability to share notebooks with friends who also have Springpad notebooks, which is pretty cool in my opinion.


1. No way (that I can tell) to email your SpringPad account.

2. Sometimes the recipe section tries to be a little too helpful and tries to push recipes on you from other notebooks (I guess?) that others have uploaded.

3. Erm… I thought I had another one, but I can’t think of it at the moment.

Again, I haven’t messed around with the desktop versions of either of these, so the jury’s still out on which one I will end up using. Do you guys have a way of organizing recipes online? Do you save recipes from online? Let me know, otherwise have a great day everyone!


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