Happy Friday: Brogamat Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

In an attempt to save what little flexibility I have left, I have been getting my “Om” on and taking some warm yoga classes. I frequently have to rent a mat from the studio because I always seem to remember about 10 minutes before I take a class that I should, you know, get my own mat and use it.

If one fine day I do finally get my act together and get my own mat (don’t hold your breath for that one) I will be sorely tempted to buy this yoga bag from Brogamats:



The description reads: “28” long, brown zipper, orc-ready.”

And we all know the second best kinds of yoga bags are the orc-ready kind. Obviously the best are the ones that can withstand the Uruk-Hai.


If you can withstand something this ugly, you’re ready for anything else the universe can throw your way.


Anyway, just wanted to share my internet find: have you guys seen any sweet gear you’ve been tempted to buy? Let me know- otherwise have a great weekend everyone!


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3 responses to “Happy Friday: Brogamat Edition

  1. Bahahahaa that is freaking hilarious! I love it!!
    I’m always a sucker for rashies and spats. Sigh. And dang it all if Black Milk isn’t the sexiest website EVER. http://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/leggings

  2. That does look super awesome. If I ever need a yoga mat, I know where to go! 🙂

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