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BJJ Competition: There’s No Such Thing as Losing

“There’s really no losing in Jiu jitsu,” I told one of my teammates on Saturday before she competed at the NAGA tournament, “you either win, or you learn, and you have an opportunity to get better.”

While I am fully aware I was plagiarizing this quote from someone (probably a Gracie) and butchering the hell out of it, but it is true. It’s one of the big benefits to competition, if you decide to participate. There is almost always something to learn from tournaments and competition- ok, technically you “lost” the match: your opponent had more points or advantages than you, or you were submitted. And you could stomp off and tell yourself that it wasn’t your fault, or they were lucky, and that truly would be losing. You would lose the opportunity to reflect and examine the weaknesses in your technique and strategy that were just exposed. You would lose the chance to realize that yes, you are afraid and anxious, and that you need to face those fears, which in turn makes you a more confident, better rounded human being. That would be the true loss.

But I have faith in you, my patient friends and readers, who (thankfully) put up with my shenanigans and ramblings. I have faith you will reflect on your matches, you will think about just what went wrong- that moment of hesitation, that wrong grip, weight distribution, that weird placement of whatever appendage- that caused your match to swiftly go downhill and end in the other person having their hand raised by the referee. That you will analyze these missteps and make plans to rectify them. Or even realize there is a fear and anxiety there that you have to face in order to master it. And that is not losing- that is gaining knowledge, learning, improving, evolving into a better jiu jitsu player.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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