Happy Friday: Weird Cravings Edition

Happy Friday everyone! 

When people train and diet for tournaments, some crave chocolate and ice cream, others crave nachos and beer….Last night I was hit with a real hankering for celery. Not celery covered in cream cheese, not smothered in peanut butter with raisins on top, AKA “ants on a log”… Just plain old celery, which I gladly indulged. 

Anyone get unexpected cravings during tournament prep?

Let me know, otherwise have a great weekend everyone!  OH! And for anyone planning on doing the New York Spring Open, today is the last day for the early registration, so save yourself $20 and sign up today! 





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9 responses to “Happy Friday: Weird Cravings Edition

  1. No I crave ice cream. Which I don’t even eat often . But as soon as I know I’m “diet” for competition I want it.

  2. I wish I would crave something healthy like celery, I usually just want pizza.

  3. AnthonyR

    Celery??? Really???

  4. Fried chicken.. when I’m cutting weight I’d run over a bus load of nuns each carrying two orphans, holding a kitten in one hand and a puppy in the other for some fried chicken. Celery is what I usually eat instead of what I’m craving.

  5. Before my last tournament I would have shanked somebody for a piece of garlic bread.

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