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“Something Will Happen” & Day 2 of 12 Days of Judo: Osoto Gari

So, my dad has a saying he likes to quote now and again: “something will happen”. It’s in reference to an old cooking show called “Two Fat Ladies”. Think Paula Deen, but British and more genuinely charming.

Apparently in one episode the ladies were riding around on the countryside (I believe) on their sweet wheels:

fat ladies

When their motorcycle breaks down. This show was I believe popular around the early to mid 90’s, so cell phones weren’t quite all the rage, no matter what sort of impression Zack from Saved by the Bell gave you back in the day.

So, the ladies were obviously distraught, tried fixing the problem on their own- but these were two ladies with vast experience with finding creative ways of adding lard to recipes, not fixing motorcycles. So, eventually one of the ladies sits down on the grass on the side of the road, seemingly free from the anxiety of the situation. The other asks what she is doing, still worked up over their problem.

The one sitting on the side of the road tells her friend not to worry, because “something will happen.”

There are good deal of things in life that we can’t control, and even when we know full well we can’t control them, we fret and overwhelm ourselves with anxiety. Our there are points where we get “stuck”, so to speak: we do everything we can in our power, but our efforts do not produce an immediate, noticeable result.

This is the perfect time to remind yourself to just keep doing what you can, and try not to worry too much, because “something will happen”.  A variation to Finding Nemo’s “just keep swimming” motto, if you will. Why keep swimming? Because eventually, “something will happen.” Something will change either within, or sometimes beyond your control and you’ll move on from this point, so don’t worry (too much, if you can) because “something will happen”.

Ah, Dad wisdom: all of this, from a guy who has the “Bananaphone” song as his ringtone. 🙂

And today is day 2 of “the 12 Days of Judo” which features osoto gari!

Like before, the video is below, and on my google plus page. Enjoy!

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