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Video of The Electric Chair and an Education in Technique Names

Ok, real talk internet, I’m a highly visual person. When I write, when I speak, when I teach, I’m really just describing to you the pictures running (typically amok) around in my head. Usually this works to both of our benefit, until you start needing names for things. Or people: I have a tendency to say to acquaintances, “I know your face, I just don’t know your name…”

It’s all just part of my charm.

Anyway, I’m not so good at the naming of things, a talent Eddie Bravo seems to have in spades. This technique is called “the Electric Chair”, and to be perfectly honest I have no idea why it’s called that: then again he also has a technique called “Sorcerer” which is also a little baffling…whatever, DSTRYRsg  posted a video of the Elecric Chair, courtesy of BJJ Addict.

Check it out!



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