One Big, Crazy BJJ Family

This was something our coach posted on Facebook the other day:

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof. -Richard Bach”

It’s sort of a difficult phenomena to explain, the cohesive, bonding element of training in jiu jitsu. How you roll with these people day in and out, how fumbling through the learning process, sharing in the elation of having a technique click, or even in the frustration of being stumped (at the moment) in this ongoing human chess game. It’s a connection that can be felt on a one on one basis with a teammate, and with the group as a whole.

I won’t lie to you, sometimes this bond can be corrupted, subverted by some with less than honorable intentions and a need for control or power.  In its best form however, it’s a blend of personalities and a genuine feeling of support and community- a crazy, sometimes slightly wacky family with each person adding to the diversity and supportive atmosphere, but all with a general goal in mind: to continue learning the sport of jiu jitsu and to help one another grow and improve.

While I have definitely called some of my teammates, particularly some of the younger lower ranked guys “the little brothers I never asked for” I am glad to have them all in my life. And I sincerely hope you have this sense of cohesiveness in your team and academy as well.

Ah well, just something I wanted to share with you all: have a great day everyone!





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4 responses to “One Big, Crazy BJJ Family

  1. great post… anyone who grows in BJJ will feel related to that .

  2. Trust probably plays a role. We train in a potentially dangerous art, risking life and limb to our training partners. We will roll with strangers, trusting they don’t kill or maim us by respecting our “tap.” This has to accelerate the bonding process beyond a normal, community/group-based friendship.

    • Katie

      I agree: it’s also interesting to see how these friendships evolve on and off the mat with this accelerated process in play.

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