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Jiu Jitsu Tournaments and Nutella

So, I found this interesting piece of news: Chef Mario Batali of Food network/Iron Chef fame and two other business partners have opened a Chicago location of his Italian gourmet dining experience, Eataly. There is one already in NYC, but this Chicago Eataly is said to 30% more space and a more open layout.

And there’s a Nutella bar. Like a place to get Nutella put on stuff. Or stuff  that is made with Nutella in it. Oh my goodness.

At this point in time the only reason I would have to visit the Windy City is for a tournament, and in all likelihood one run by the IBJJF…Soooo, when’s the next Chicago Open? Because this is going to have to be a stop after the tournament, on the way to the airport.

Let’s make this happen, IBJJF. 😉


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