Happy Friday: Myers Briggs/Star Wars Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

There’s a trend that’s been going on where people have been taking characters from popular shows/movies and fitting them into the different personality types outlined by the Myers Briggs test. I just saw one for Star Wars from Geek in Heels:



I particularly find this funny because I’ve taken the test twice and was categorized as a INFJ and INTJ, which in the past I reasoned that I am probably more on the Feeling side of things around friends and family, and more on the Thinking side when it comes to work or completing a specific task: a “let’s get down to business” mindset, if you will.

So according to this chart I’m a super cool Jedi when it comes to relationships, and when it comes to work or completing a project I turn into a Sith Lord? I’m less bothered by that than you may think.

Feel free to Take the test (there are a ton of free ones online, I just googled “Myers Briggs Test”) or if you already know your type, let me know your results.

Otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!



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2 responses to “Happy Friday: Myers Briggs/Star Wars Edition

  1. I’m ISTP/INTP & ISFP/INFP. I’ve taken these tests a lot, and I always get a few different results, and I agree with all of them. I knew that sometimes I felt like ISTP and other times like INTP. I thought I was just kind of half and half. I hadn’t thought that it changed based on the situation I was in until you said you were INFJ around friends and INTJ at work.
    I guess that makes me part Wookie/Yoda/Sen. organa/Luke Skywalker… not bad lol

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