Rolling while Rolling (A Camera, that is)

DSTRYRsg posted a video of two guys rolling, one with a Go-Pro camera on his head. It’s a pretty neat video, and as someone who has worn one of those cameras while rolling (I was helping a teammate out with a school project) I am pretty impressed they got the shots they did, and managed not to have the camera fall off their heads. Maybe they had the camera strapped to some headgear?

Anyway, check it out!


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2 responses to “Rolling while Rolling (A Camera, that is)

  1. panterawrr

    Looks pretty cool. A guy at my gym had a GoPro strapped to his head while sparring muay thai. Kind of made me a little dizzy. The funniest is when a friend of mine did Tough Mudder with a GoPro and screaming while being zapped and jumping into the ice bath!

  2. That’s awesome! I’ve wanted to try this for a while, just haven’t been willing to shell out $400 for a GoPro

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