A Eulogy for My Favorite Gi Top

Dear friends, we’ve gathered here today to say goodbye to a good friend and steady training partner, my favorite gi top.




Even when you were no longer competition worthy, I still kept you in heavy rotation- you had the perfect sleeve length, and your construction was just right for my wider shoulders and absurdly short torso. Your one lengthwise seam continually bruised my back right around my spine, but hey, no one’s perfect.

We had some good times together- I depended on you to complete countless ezekial chokes, especially. However, that may have been what spelled the end for you my friend.

I could no longer ignore your deterioration when a large hole appeared in the left sleeve by the cuff. You have become a danger to yourself, and the fingers of my training partners, and that is something I cannot ignore.

I would make you a funeral pyre, and send you down the Delaware River for a true warrior’s funeral, but frankly this is Philadelphia and I’m sure someone would have a huge problem with me putting floating, burning things into the river. So for now at least I will probably wash, dry you, rip off your patches, shove you deep into the back of the bottom drawer of my dresser and think fondly of our times together.

Farewell, my friend.


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7 responses to “A Eulogy for My Favorite Gi Top

  1. Maybe I take it too far but I actually have old gis framed up in my library at home. Only the super special gis of course. Like my first kimono.

    • Katie

      Our coach has framed gi’s before, and even has his brown belt framed in his office, so it’s not that uncommon.

      • Jon

        Why just the brown belt?

        I have a rash guard framed up in the basement bar that was signed by just about every prominent Gracie from a Pedro Sauer camp a few years ago but I think that’s different from what you guys are talking about. I haven’t found that one perfect fitting gi yet, or had that defining moment in one, so I just donate them to a guy who gives some time to a couple inner-city clubs and trains kids for free. If they’re too far gone, then they become boat scrubbers…

      • Katie

        It’s kind of a long story but essentially he had it for a really long time and when he finally got his black belt he framed it. I’ve definitely donated some of my old gi’s to the gym, for the loaner pile- I’m just a little sad about this one in particular, since it was my favorite to wear.

      • Thats good to hear. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a gi graveyard. 😛

      • Katie

        Ha, gi graveyard- particularly appropriate image considering Halloween is right around the corner

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