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BJJ Training Camp- with Photos!

our training camp this past weekend was full of some good hard jiu jitsu training sessions, along with some other activities to keep us limber and in shape. Pretty much all the photos are courtesy of Coach and teammate Maggie, so let’s get to it!

We started off the camp with some joint mobility exercises, because you know, it was Saturday morning, and it was a good way to warm up the joints. An added bonus, we had a black belt from one of our fellow Ribeiro affiliate schools, Ben Eaton join us: hooray!

Next came different stations which included body weight exercises and other sorts of activities.

training camp: Saturday Stations


multiple training sessions,

Team lunches,


more drills and training sessions:


Even some hot yoga, a visit from a chiropractor and a Sunday morning run across the Ben Franklin Bridge with the teammates who were crazy enough to do it.


All in all we put in a lot of hard work, and it was a pretty fun weekend 🙂




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