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Weekend Training Wrap Up and The Perils of Over-Exercising

Good morning everyone- our jiu jitsu training camp went great, and I will have photos and such for everyone tomorrow, but for now I want to share this article about “Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret” and apparently the repeated cases of rhabdomyolysis-the irreparable destruction of muscle cells that can have catastrophic results. Real talk, this could theoretically happen in most if not all sports, but the mindset of making Personal Records, or PR’s I think makes Crossfit participants more susceptible to this condition. There’s a note on the side of the article, pointing out that this is not something that happens to “newbies who do too much”, but rather this condition happens more frequently to the seasoned athlete, which I’m sort of surprised, but I can kind of see how that could happen- an insistence to make a PR, ignoring your body and the warning signs that you need to stop which can lead to trouble.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!

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