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Jiu Jitsu & Practicing a Technique: “Fast” Doesn’t Always Mean “Good”

Let me present a hypothetical situation to you: you are coaching a teenager on how to parallel park. They sort of know the basics, but the concept is still fairly familiar to them: what would you tell them- to take their time, make sure to check and ensure they have positioned themselves to where they want to be and successfully park the car, or would you tell them to grip the wheel as hard as possible and go as fast as they can- hey, their car and possibly surrounding ones may have a few scratches and dents, but the car is more or less in the space.

Obviously you would tell them to take their time, and this is sound advice that needs to be applied to drilling a new technique as well. Just like we talked about practicing with awareness and work on not zoning out while drilling certain techniques, this is another common problem- we are so certain that we have the concepts of a new skill down pat that we quickly move through the motions, which means there is a greater chance for mistakes and the omission of certain details, that sometimes can make the difference between a well executed move, and feeling like you are grinding it out.

I’m not  saying you should be in perpetual slow motion- as funny as that would look. Instead I would recommend finding a rhythm, to smoothly go from one step to the other, in a way for you to smoothly and relatively efficiently go through the technique. Repetition leads to muscle memory, which can lead success when you recognize the opportunity to execute what you have been drilling.

Anyway, those are my two cents on the matter- have a great day everyone!




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