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Quick Note: the Sacrifices we Make for Jiu Jitsu

Hey everyone, I’m running around playing Monday catch-up, but I wanted to add a note/ask a question.

I may have to do an all day thing tomorrow for work, and am currently planning on going to the gym ridiculously early in order to work out. Unfortunately no one will be there at that time to drill jiu jitsu with, but I can at least get a sweat which should help keep me on the scheduled weight loss I’m working towards for some tournaments I’ll be competing in.

This to me is a huge sacrifice, because A) I love sleep and B) hate getting up early in the morning. Which is funny if you know that I used to work opening shifts at a Starbucks, which requires getting to the store at about 5am.

Any recent and/or big sacrifices you have made for a tournament, or for the sport in general? Let me know and have a great Monday everyone!


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