What to Wear for No Gi Class

Someone recently asked me what she should wear to no-gi class, and it’s a good question for someone that just starts out: while gi class basically makes your clothing choices for you, barring a t-shirt and whatever you wear underneath, no gi clothing has a little more choice and diversity. This can be good once you get into a groove and find what you are comfortable with, but for those just starting out it can be a little daunting.

Personally, I tend to wear a rashguard and capri length compression pants. I know some girls who prefer full leg leggings, or spats as they are sometimes called, and others who prefer more of a traditional short. Some women worry about exposing their midriff and wear a tank- top like leotard under their no-gi clothing, which is fine too. I don’t, mainly because I have a pretty short torso and my rashguards end pretty long, so flashing a little belly is not often too much of a concern. My biggest piece of advice would be to avoid wearing a cotton t-shirt. The fabric will become soggy, stretch and eventually get in the way while rolling. At least that’s been my personal experience.

I even took a picture of my typical no gi getup…Please pardon the facial expression; I’m terrible at selfies and consider myself one of the least photogenic people in the world. And the hair- it was after class….I’m just going to stop now.


no gi

Overall though I would say find a combination that works best for you and feels the most comfortable and covers everything you want covered. Maybe you would rather have a tank top, or a full length sleeve rashguard rather than short sleeve, board shorts rather than compression pants…I could go on and on. One note though, if you decide to eventually compete in an IBJJF no gi competition, at least 10% of your rashguard has to have the color of your rank- not that anyone just starting out would immediately begin to think of competing in those tournaments, but hey, the earlier you know the better.

Oh, and for those that are down with the spats, Meerkatsu has some pretty sweet octopus ones over at his store you may want to check out. There are also some pretty awesome Pony Club Grappling Gear ones, particularly “The Jessica“. Because unicorns are pretty awesome.

Those are my two cents- what does everyone else wear? Let me know and have a great day everyone!





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8 responses to “What to Wear for No Gi Class

  1. I love my Clinch Gear shorts! Super-compfy and don’t get in the way at all. And a rash guard. When new people start and try out the class I encounter the wet and saggy cotton shirt every time and it’s not fun.

  2. Hey! You’re not wearing A Skirt On The Mat!

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  4. Emma

    I don’t feel super comfortable wearing spats or tights shorts, can I wear the Dia de los muertos Gabriella shorts from raven fight wear? Or are those just for kickboxing type stuff? Also, my rashguard is pretty loose fitting, and I don’t wanna flash anybody lol. Would I tuck it into my shorts or would I have to get a tighter rashguard?

    • Emma

      One more thing, can I wear the shorts with black spats underneath? Or would that look dumb? lol

    • Katie

      Hi Emma, I think ultimately you should wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable to train in. I’ve never tried the shorts you are talking about, but I googled them and they seem fine, with or without the spats. Hope that helps!

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