BJJ: Learning a Technique Because It Just Looks Cool

This probably would be more apt to call “Judo: learning it because it looks cool”, but whatever, I’m just going to run with it.

We learned a fancy entry to a Judo throw this weekend in class that I want to practice and get better at executing, at least better while drilling it. Do I think I have a snowflake’s chance in hell of pulling it off in a tournament? Nope. Then why spend the time practicing it?

The simple answer is “because it looks cool”.

The more in-depth answer I can provide is this: while of course it is beneficial to drill and “own” a technique, sometimes it’s just fun to try something new. You learn these new things, develop new skills that granted, may not directly relate to a training or competition match, but has the possibility of getting you to think in a different way, discerning different opportunities to take advantage of and encouraging a more diverse jiu jitsu game in general.

So, while I wouldn’t condone sinking all your time into something super fancy and complicated that would need juuust the right circumstances and planets to align in a certain fashion, I would say give them a try now and again, because there could be some secondary benefit you may not realize may come of it.

Have a great day everyone!




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2 responses to “BJJ: Learning a Technique Because It Just Looks Cool

  1. Sometimes the fancy stuff is just… too fun not to play with!

    You could always go to a judo competition and pull out some fancy throws!

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