Getting Back Into the BJJ Groove

So, this morning I was browsing through bjj blogs, visited Georgette‘s site and looked over the sidebar listing other bloggers and their most recent posts.

These were the three post titles that caught my eye:

“Never Give Up”

“No Mercy”

and finally, “Pressure in BJJ”

Dang, we’ve got some badasses over here… Granted I haven’t read the posts yet, but I’m going to continue to be optimistic and hope everyone’s talking about how they are training hard after the Labor Day holiday and ready to rock out at some training session/Tournament/Open Mat/What-have-you.

Anyone in the States train over the Labor Day weekend? I know a number of schools held open mats: our academy held a team training over the weekend for those getting ready for tournaments coming up in the coming months.

Well, anyway, I do hope everyone is feeling relatively healthy and if you took time off training during the summer, you’re ready to get back into the jiu jitsu groove- or really whatever groove you need to get back into.

Have a great day everyone!




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One response to “Getting Back Into the BJJ Groove

  1. Haha – our gym has never closed for holidays before, but we closed for Labor Day. And then started hard today to make up for it. Win!

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