Happy Friday: BJJ Confession Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a jiu jitsu confession to make- I really don’t like wrist locks. It’s pretty much at the bottom of the list when it comes to submissions I’ll attempt. I’m sure there are people out there who will attest to their effectiveness, and that’s all fine and good- I just don’t like them.

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a submission snob, apparently.

Anyone else have any BJJ confessions they would like to share? C’mon, we’re all friends here.

Feel free to comment with your bjj confession-otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!


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15 responses to “Happy Friday: BJJ Confession Edition

  1. Jon

    I feel the same way about knee bars, both giving and receiving. My knees have the structural integrity of 20-year old spider webs and they just freak me out. So much so that I really don’t even try for them myself unless it’s just offered up on a silver platter.

  2. Wrist Locks almost feel like cheating (kind of like me using grapevines and just laying on my opponent, just doesn’t feel like a “real” submission). We train them very rarely. I can recall only one class in eight months of training that we actually worked with them. I know a few guys there use them as a last ditch effort and even at that, it’s only been attempted on me once or twice.

  3. agirlstransformation

    Triangles. I hate them.

  4. I’m scared of being bow-and-arrowed. I’m always afraid that my spine will snap and I’ll spend the rest of my life as a quadriplegic. I tap as soon as I realize that’s what’s being set up.

  5. I dislike the self-defense stuff. It’s basically jiujitsu techniques designed to nullify people that suck at grappling. Choke defense for the one handed rape choke? Come on…

  6. I second the bow&arrow choke, but for a different reason. Cause that’s the one that’s had me unconscious and nearly unconscious before. Really didn’t like that feeling, and the choke is so dang fast… makes me wary. And its not a position that’s easy to tap from. Or, that’s my excuse for waking up on the mat.

  7. ajjones510

    Hello, my name is Jeana and I just want to smash somebody. Hahahe I know, that’s wrong! My two top training partners are my husband, who is more than double my size and my coach who is closer to my size but has 10 years of jiujitsu training. There are no other women in our class (it’s a small school) and most of the other guys are big guys. While at 5’2″ and 118 lbs I am quick and can work the small spaces the bigger guys leave, ultimately they can just smash me with their weight or pick me up and toss me. I don’t have a bad attitude or an ego… but sometimes I wish a smaller guy would walk in and call me out and I could just own them.

    This is my confession. Now I have to go change to go to class.


  8. meghanbrown11

    I hate ankle locks and foot attacks! Followed a close second by wrist locks. It seems like cheating to me. I am also a submission snob, maybe we should start a club!

  9. I love giving solid top pressure. It makes me MWA HA HA inside.

  10. My confession is not technique based, but rather etiquette based: I hate when someone with (much) less experience tries to coach or critique my technique.

    It’s rampant in Krav Maga…after two years, I have some guy with three weeks of classes under his belt tell me how much more power I’d generate in my right cross by turning my hips more. “I hadn’t thought of that, wow, thank you Sir!” In BJJ it’s not as bad…but I did get paired during drills once with a new guy, in a TKD uniform, who felt it was his mission to correct everything I did. And I mean everything.

    Now, I’m only a 4-stripe white belt, so my ego is well in-check. But really? Learn how to hip-escape properly during warm ups, then you can critique my side control.

    I feel bad for confessing that, because in reality I’m happy to, and usually do, learn from rolling with everyone…even the brand new students.

    But when it happens, I nod politely, and think to myself, “really????”

  11. My BJJ confession? I’ve always wanted to bite somebody’s nose off.

  12. I personally love wrist locks! I hit several last year in competition. I love their ability to make an opponent feel uneasy about placing their hands on you.

    Hmm, a confession. I enjoy playing a sweep based bottom game more than submission oriented. I guess its possibly because I favor butterfly and x guard but I love a well timed sweep.

    • Katie

      …I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of having such a strong inclination in favor of wrist locks. ::shrug:: I like bow and arrow chokes, which some have mentioned they don’t like-we all have our preferences.

      I will certainly agree however that well timed sweeps are pretty great.

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