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Audio Interview of Rafael Lovato Jr, Courtesy of DSTRYRsg

You know how you want to have a real discussion with someone about something, but you don’t think it’s the right time so you sort of make awkward small talk until you feel you have enough time to delve into the topic? Maybe that’s a personal quirk, but that’s sort of how I feel right now with this blog. Honestly some of it is just poor time management (still), and some I am tempted to call it writer’s block but someone once made a great point: there’s really no such thing as writer’s block- there’s bad writing that you have to push through in order to get to the good stuff. The next few days should have some good stuff in it (or at least par for the course), but for now all I have to offer is the audio interview of fellow RJJA member and all-around nice guy Rafael Lovato Jr. with Stephen Kesting, courtesy of DSRTYRsg:

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