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UFC fighter Rhonda Rousey Talks About Likelihood of Competing in BJJ Tournament

In a recent interview someone asked if female MMA fighter Rhonda Rousey would be willing to enter a jiu jitsu tournament. Not to spoil the video for everyone, but she basically says she just doesn’t have the time at the moment, but would be interested in the future when she retires from her MMA career.

Interesting note, she does mention that what she currently does, fighting in an MMA setting, is closer to the true heart of the self defense/martial art aspect of judo and jiu jitsu and you know, she does have a point. Also, I really don’t think people should take her ne waza (groundwork) experience quite as lightly. Women in jiu jitsu, barring Gabi Garcia and a few others, tend to sit into open guard and begin their work from there. And having a judo player on top is putting them in the first, last and only place they want to be: you are pretty much playing into their strengths and I feel it would present a problem for a lot of Rousey’s competition.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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