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Jiu Jitsu Hygiene Etiquette Tips

Seymour over at Meerkatsu has a lovely list of super gross things that have been encountered on the mat including, but certainly not limited to: Sweat dripping into the mouth, Bad body odor, etc. Granted, this is a full contact sport and a few of these things just can’t be avoided like sweat dripping onto your partner. It gets hot, you sweat, and if you are in a top position, there is a chance that sweat will drip onto your partner. Especially in no-gi. A lot of these things however can definitely be rectified with a little pre-planning before class:

-Bring deodorant with you to put on before class.

-make sure your gi is properly washed *and dried* before class

-Clip your nails at home

-Wear underwear (I didn’t think we needed to talk about this, but apparently we do)

-Not something you can really plan for, but blow you nose off the mat, or if  you have to sneeze during class, excuse yourself to your partner and/or instructor and get a tissue. I don’t know about other academies but we have one of those wholesale, huge bottles of hand sanitizer in the mat room. I’m usually not a fan of using hand sanitizers, but it’s definitely preferred over nothing.

-This is one I’m adding, please tie your hair back: guy or girl, I’ve seen issues with both genders

-Don’t eat fried food before class. People have all sorts of eating schedules and preferred foods to have before class, but fried food will sit in your stomach and make you miserable, or worse, possibly make you sick.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head-anyone else have any helpful hygiene tips?


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