Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

White Belts Say the Darndest Things

I had a funny little moment a few nights ago: after teaching the white belt/beginner class, a couple of white belts approached me with that look on their faces, that one that says they have a burning question on their minds. They asked me how to defend against someone trying to x-choke while the attacker was in their guard.

To them, it was a legitimate, serious question: to me, after nearly 7 years of training it was simply precious.

Of course I answered their question, but the whole experience was just a reminder of the path of jiu jitsu and how we advance over the years. Something that was, to me, simple and easily avoided, was a legitimate threat to someone brand new to the sport. We understand this logically, somewhere in the back of our minds that as we advance we’ll learn to conquer these simple problems and tackle more complicated situations, but it’s surprising once in a while to be put in a situation where you are reminded of this fact.

Just a fun little story I wanted to share with you all- have a great day everyone!


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