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Black Belt Blog Q&A

Hey guys, sorry for the short post, but Chewy over at Chewjitsu is taking questions from the virtual peanut gallery, encouraging anyone to come forward with any questions they would like to ask a black belt.

Personally, I would like an expert opinion on who they think would be better at Jiu jitsu: Bill Nye the Science Guy, or Mr. Badass himself, Neil deGrasse Tyson (update: I originally had deGrasse and Tyson backwards. My apologies everyone). Or even better, if theoretically the two engaged in a Jiu jitsu match, white belt flailing aside, how long would the match go for, and would there be a winner before the solar system imploded from the absurd awesomeness of the situation.

…I imagine you guys have more actually relevant questions to ask, so go for it!


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