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Bust Lines and BJJ

A male author recently posted an article on his blog about the size of a woman’s bust line and how it may potentially effect their performance in the sport.

In response, I laughed and laughed….

To me, that’s like asking if a male’s genitals get in the way- I would imagine it’s actually more an issue, especially with poorly executed techniques such as the armbar and knee cross pass. Fortunately the author finally (correctly) surmises that you just deal with it. While the author did reference an interview with Ronda Rousey who mentioned a problem with her sports bra during her match with Liz Carmouche. What (I guess) men don’t realize is half the women in the audience, or at least most of the women I train with all looked at her one fight outfit with Carmouche during her first UFC match and wondered how in hell that mess of straps was going to stay put for the fight. If there was anyone Rousey should have complained to, it should have been the sponsor, or whoever else convinced her to use that particular sports bra. Something that had a slightly higher neckline and there would have been a good chance Rousey wouldn’t have been kicked in the chest, as she reported, while trying to adjust the garment.

Breasts in BJJ aren’t really an issue, even those with a larger chest. I know because as anyone who knows me IRL knows I speak from experience. Sure. you sort of look forlornly at yourself when trying to make weight, and curse them, but that could be (and has been) done with any deposit of fat on the body. After training for 7 years (as of this August), I can report as a woman with a larger chest, having virtually little issue with the whole thing: actually I wear a t-shirt and tank top under my gi and have a bigger problem with the necklines of my shirts and tanks getting stretched out more than anything. The only other problem I can think of are those rare occasions when a toe or a finger accidentally snag a strap, but it’s highly unusual and people will usually just stop, get themselves untangled and continue.

This has been my experience with the whole thing: I don’t really think it’s a problem, but anyone else have issues? I wouldn’t think so, but hey, I’m opening the floor everyone in case I’m wrong.


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Happy Friday: New York Open Edition

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a happy Friday: this weekend the team is headed up to the New York Open (back to Harlem, whooo): I’ll report back on Monday.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

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