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Anderson Silva Not Sure if He Could Beat Jon Jones…Wha?

So,  Anderson Silva states that he is not sure he can beat Jon Jones. Both long, leggy competitors have pretty impressive records, and I am not sure if  Silva is offering a realistic summary of their strengths and/or talents, or really what the overall game plan is here. .

I’m mainly surprised because while you should never underestimate your opponent, I do feel you should maintain the mindset that you will do your best, impose your will, play your game and emerge victorious. Maybe Anderson was favoring brief comments due to the fact he was speaking without an interpreter for this interview.

What do you guys think? Was this an approximate summation by Silva, who oddly referred to himself in the third person as “Spider”? I guess if you have Steven Segal (loosely) affiliated with your camp, you’re open to all sorts of crazy ideas, even the idea of losing.


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