BJJ Scout: Good, Just Needs Time

Recently I’ve checked out some videos from BJJ Scout. They look pretty promising- they have been posting videos, making some great points in them with video clips to back them up.

My only criticism, and really it’s not that much of a criticism, if for now there are only videos and blog posts regarding one BJJ competitor, Leandro Lo. There are some mentions of other competitors, but the main focus at this point is just on the one black belt. It looks like BJJ Scout is still fairly new, I’m pretty sure, so I’m definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt that there will be more videos regarding different top competitors.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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One response to “BJJ Scout: Good, Just Needs Time

  1. codemonkey76

    I am sure he will do other competitors, I am loving the in depth coverage on Lo though

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