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Hold The Phone…

Supreme Court shoots down DOMA and Prop 8? Hell to the yeah.

The Carlton


That is all.

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The Timing of Your Jiu Jitsu Journey


A common lament among people who start jiu jitsu is the wish to have started earlier in the sport, for any number of reasons. To have started earlier meant that you would be at a higher belt than you are now, you would have more time to have gotten better at the sport, players who have started younger (at least appear) to do better than those who begin later in life.

The fact of the matter is you started exactly when you did, because that’s when you were supposed to in your life. I have been guilty of wishing the same thing, until I really thought about my life and circumstances, etc. leading up to jiu jitsu, and this is the conclusion that I came to: that I was in exactly the right place at the right time to start my jiu jitsu…journey, thing, because all the right elements were there at that moment in time.

So I would say don’t worry so much about when you started, and bemoan all the years you feel you could have used to improve your game: to be perfectly honest I don’t really know your situation, internet, but you started the sport/martial art when you did because the timing was exactly when it needed to be, the people currently attending were (usually, for the most part) the right mix to start with and because you were in the right physical and emotional state. Again, I don’t really know how/why you started and there are pretty much always exceptions to the rule, and if that is the case I am sorry to hear that.

So, don’t worry about how you should have started jiu jitsu basically in utero and enjoy the fact that you are here, now, learning and enjoying the sport and continuing on your journey.




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Happy Friday: Math Edition

Happy Friday Everyone!

I found this video recently, and realized this pretty much sums up my relationship with math, and reminds me of my single variable calculus class Freshman year of college.

Anyway, it’s pretty funny: check it out and have a great weekend everyone!

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Llyod Irvin’s Million Dollar Dilemma

Well, think of it this way, no matter how bad your day is going, you can always say, “hey, at least I don’t have a $1.3 million tax lien against me”.

According to Bloody Elbow, The US Government has placed  a million dollar tax lien against Irvin and his wife on Monday. This is in addition to the 300k lien already placed on them. Dang.

I imagine the next headline we’re going to hear about Lloyd will involve how he’s gone on a “business trip” out of the country for an undisclosed period of time, or how he’s arrested for tax evasion. We’ll start the betting pool next week on which it will be.


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Wordless Wednesday: a Friendly Reminder

This is what all the students see as they leave the academy: just a friendly reminder for anyone who needs it.


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Ralek Gracie and His Video Regarding Metamoris 2

So I just watched the video, and I’ll post it at the bottom if you are interested in watching it as well. I do have to give him credit, that he is willing to admit that certain decisions for this second event did not work and needed to be changed. I have mixed feelings about the Schaub/Cyborg fight, so I’m just going to leave that alone. Let’s hope that the third time’s a charm and results in a really nice event that we all can enjoy.

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Interesting Post from Another Blogger

Shakia Harris wrote an interesting article about the “Loser’s Mindset in BJJ“. It’s pretty interesting and you should check it out. Also, I happened to catch her twitter updates about taking first in blue belt at the Bluegrass Open (I think that’s what it was called)…And how the food sucked at Hooters.

Sorry to hear about the sub-par food,  but congrats on getting gold!

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Happy Friday: Favorite Things Edition

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I would like to share with you a few of my (non-Jiu jitsu) related favorite things:

Orange flavored seltzer water:

It’s like orange soda but without all the sweeteners and weird food coloring- hooray!

Blue papermate pens:

I believe in finding a pen you like and sticking with it. I prefer to write with blue ink and these pens are my favorite, although it seems they are being phased out of actual stores and I’ll have to start buying them from amazon :-/

This chair:

Ok, maybe it’s not a favorite thing I own or currently use, but it is a pretty awesome chair. It was purely decorative though, and was in a trendy part of town, and so probably cost twice what it was worth- I don’t really know, I didn’t see a price tag. But still, pretty cool and therefore worth mentioning.

And that’s it for now. Have a great weekend and Father’s Day everyone!

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Jiu Jitsu: A Sport for the Introvert


We say jiu jitsu is for everyone, but today I’m going to make a case for a group of people that the internet seems to be chock-full of: the introvert.

We all know the concept between introversion and extroversion: I’m not going to go into the definition because really they are unflattering on either side, but you know for the most part what they include. Introverts are seen as quiet, “thoughtful”, borderline anti-social whereas extroverts are seen as loud, boisterous and “excitable”, much like a puppy. In my opinion people are really not one or the other, but more of in the middle, with a particular leaning one way or the other.

Why do I say jiu jitsu is for the introvert? Well, here’s a list of elements someone out there on the internet recommended a sport should have to be truly successful and keep the introvert’s interest:

  • Concentration
  • Precision
  • Self-motivation
  • Intricate skills
  • Individual performances

There was also a mention of “low arousal level”, but that just sounded odd so I took it out. But otherwise, really, if those qualities don’t say “jiu jitsu” all over them, I really don’t know what does. Sure there’s the whole “full body contact” element to the sport, but it’s really not that big of a deal. The real appeal lies in the “human chess” element, the whole puzzle and strategy that needs to be solved during training sessions. And while you do need someone to drill and compete with, it’s more of a one on one basis, which is much easier for an introvert to handle rather than a large group sport where they can feel lost in the crowd.

Some might say the biggest challenge for the introvert would possibly be the aggression needed in jiu jitsu, but personally I feel that falls under “self-motivation”. You are motivated to complete the technique, you are motivated to continue the match and with that aggression I personally feel will follow. Competition may also be a challenge, but that’s nerve-wracking for everyone and can actually be beneficial and helps both the introvert and extrovert.

So that is my case for jiu jitsu and the introvert: it can be an immensely rewarding experience for the introvert, if they are willing to take the chance. And it sure as heck beats other options, like golf.


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Long on words, short on time

Hey guys, due to poor time management I don’t have anything for you, other than a sincere wish you all have a great day and fantastic training sessions- or do great at whatever it is you are doing today.

Have an awesome day everyone!

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