Ed O’Neill to Co-Commentate on Metamoris 2

Yes, Ed O’Neill, star of Modern Family and ’90s sitcom Married with Children will be commentating on Metamoris 2, which I think is good, but not as great as people think it’s going to be.

Maybe it’s a lack of faith on the viewers end; O’Neill seems to be a naturally funny guy which I think will play well with Rener’s energy, but at the same time people need to realize it will be the actor/black belt that is commentating, which means it will be unscripted, so he may not be as funny/interesting/insightful as you may expect.

It’s a big job with high expectations, but I think for the most part O’Neill will rise to occasion. Hopefully he’s researching these different competitors to offer some insight as well as color commentary, or he’ll just go full on with the jokes and leave the technical stuff to Rener. I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out on June 9th.

Are you happy that O’Neill will be commentating at the event? If not, who do you think should be sharing the booth with Rener?



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2 responses to “Ed O’Neill to Co-Commentate on Metamoris 2

  1. Ill be interested to see how this turns out as well. The one thing I’m a little iffy about is that Ed is from the Gracie Torrance school. Which I imagine will lead to much of the conversations to be dominated by things such as, “my grandfather Helio said. . . “, ” Rorion did . . . ” or “Ed remember that time when I was a kid and . . .” , etc. I don’t know, I’m glad they’re doing another Metamoris event but I wasn’t a fan of the commentary last time. I would have liked to see it done with some of the sports other personalities, to mix up the point of view from the commentary booth.

    • Katie

      I thought about that as well, the whole nostalgia element to the commentary. I can’t remember who Rener’s co-commentator was last time but I remember not being impressed, so hopefully this is a step up. While I don’t think Rener is leaving the booth any time soon, I do have my fingers crossed that this co-commentator position is a rotating one and they will open up the spot to others in the sport from different schools and associations to keep it interesting.

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