The Sobering Practicality of Jiu Jitsu

So, you know how they say when you have been drinking a lot and lying in bed, and the room feels like it’s spinning you should put your foot on the ground to make it stop?

This story has a point to it, I swear.

The office I work in had the ceiling painted over the weekend, and due to poor air circulation, there were still a lot of fumes in the air when I walked in on Monday. I basically spent most of the day getting high, and a headache from the paint. I still went to class and had a little bit of what I guess would be an existential crisis of the Jiu jitsu kind. And I stared blankly at my coach when he asked me a question later in the evening, but that’s besides the point.

When drilling I wondered what were we doing here, of any of this really worked, what did all mean?! And magnets, how do they work?!?!(Bonus points if you get that reference).

Drilling came and went and then we trained, and just like putting your foot on the floor, Jiu jitsu’s practical nature had a grounding effect for me. There’s no mysticism in the art but rather the application of skill, physics and body mechanics.

We may not always embody the characteristics of “the smooth art”: we muscle through things, get smashed and passed, or fail miserably at some technique, but we try them because we’ve seen and know they work. The techniques we learn and practice are (usually) based off of people’s realistic actions and reactions, and there is a real, true beauty to that.

And that is my story about how Jiu jitsu helped me sober up from paint fumes. 😉


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  1. This post comes at just the right time. I’m starting to think there’s no mysticism to this art either. I’d like to believe there is and that somehow I’m not studying or reading enough, but the reality of it is – skill. And I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever find it.

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