Weekend Wrap-up, Diaz I am Dissapointed

Hey everybody, there was more “not training Jiu jitsu” this weekend. Whomp whomp.

I saw one of the Diaz brothers was suspended for using inappropriate language… This is how surprised I looked when I read about it: 😐

Diaz, at this point you are pretty much playing the heel- these sort of shenanigans belong in the WWE, not the UFC. I understand this is a sport that is pulling a lot of different people from different backgrounds together for these fights and a lot of them won’t like one another, but come on dude. What would you rather be known for: your fighting skills or your antics? Because right now any talent you have in the ring is being outshone by your inability to play well with others.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good Monday and great classes/training sessions today.


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