Getting Good at Being Bad

I had dinner last night with a fellow teammate, and she had a pretty good point: when it comes to Jiu jitsu, in the beginning especially you have to “be good at sucking”.

She’s not the only one to admit this, and I have to agree with them. It’s a sport that’s designed in some ways to be frustrating: it takes literally twice as long to earn a black belt as opposed to other sports, you work and work and improve, but let’s face it there are others who have been doing the sport for longer than you have and they have been improving as well. You are submitted, swept time and time again even when you think (or know) you are doing everything right.

And that is where patience comes into play, maybe a little stubbornness and a good dose of humility. It’s through those losses we see our weaknesses and improve: if you aren’t willing to get through the frustrating beginning stages and “get good at sucking” then your Jiu jitsu journey will be that much more difficult.

But, the good news is you don’t suck forever, contrary to how you may feel sometimes. Continue to drill, continue to train, and keep essentially continue to believe you are putting in the work which will eventually pay off.


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