Disney and Brave

This is going to be a very feminist-like post, and really has nothing to do with jiu jitsu, just giving you a heads up.

This made me mad, and then sad, and then happy all over again.

You may have heard about the main character of the Pixar film Brave, Merida, becoming a fixture in the Disney princess line-up and her makeover to fit into the princess image. Basically they put the character through puberty, took away her weapons (a pretty hefty offense in my book) and threw some glitter on her.

That’s the part that made me mad/sad. And I don’t even have children. Apparently some people with their own adorable little tornadoes of chaos and anarchy (aka, “kids”) also had a huge problem with this and petitioned to have Merida changed back to its previous, rougher and more badass image. And believe it or not Disney listened, quietly removing what people considered the “sexualized” version of Merida.

I hope this trend continues of stronger female characters being produced, and people insisting on keeping them imperfect but good characters. I hope companies keep offering maybe not role models but certainly examples to little girls that they can handle problems that come their way with their own strength and wit, that they too can be “brave”.

Ok, I think I’m done.



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2 responses to “Disney and Brave

  1. As a mother of a five year old girl I can say that I was very disappointed with the “new Merida”. My daughter loved Brave and I especially loved how bad ass Merida was with her bow and arrow. I had not heard that they changed her back but I am happy to hear it!

  2. Yeah, I read about that, so I’m very glad they changed it back. Disney is frequently rubbish when it comes to gender, particularly the Pixar arm (take a look at the gender balance in Pixar films: almost universally terrible).

    Dreamworks has generally been a lot better on that front, though both pale in comparison to the awesomeness that is Studio Ghibli. LOADS of strong female characters that easily pass the Bechdel test. Nausicaa is a way better Princess than anything Disney have ever offered. ;D

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