BJJ Eyes

So you know how we talked about losing your contacts on the mat and how uncomfortable that is? Even so, it’s still a fairly common occurrence- I’ve even left one somewhere on a mat at IBJJF’s Nationals last year…. This guy left his cornea on the mat.

His cornea like, nature’s contact lens. I’m horrified. And intrigued. And horrified.

Read all about it, and wish this poor guy a speedy recovery. Although he now has a legitimate reason to wear an eye patch, which I have to admit is pretty cool. I’m sure he would rather have the cornea rather than the eye patch, but you know.



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3 responses to “BJJ Eyes

  1. Jaime de Sa

    I know him. I trained with him last year at his school in Copenhagen. He’s a great guy and runs a great school. His book, “BJJ Globetrotter” is excellent.

    He’s in good spirits fortunately. My brother-in-law is an eye doctor and when I spoke to him he said things like that are really, really common and he should be fine soon as long as he doesn’t continue to repeat the injury.

  2. OMG!!! I would die! I’m fairly hard boiled about most types of pain, but I am very squeamish about my eyes.

  3. Jon

    I caught a toe in the eye my first year training. The resulting scratch on my cornea was beyond painful the first day, I couldn’t imagine getting it ripped off.

    I do have to agree with you though. That eye patch is quite dashing.

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