BJJ and Spatial Awareness

Ok, I have a request, if you all don’t mind: this is more of a pet peeve/rant, so just bear with me for a moment

I imagine this happens in every academy, and it’s definitely not a new concept, but when several sets if partners are training at the same time, sometimes set will get to a point where they will roll perilously close to one another, and will occasionally run into one another.

It happens, and I know it’s hard to control sometimes but please just be aware of the sets going on around you. I know it’s hard, and i’m guilty of almost (and sometimes literally) rolling on top of people as well sometimes, but if you can think of it just be mindful. If there’s a question of who needs to move, we have the policy “rank has right of way”: if this is also a policy at your academy, note where your higher ranks have started so you’re not surprised when one is suddenly next to you. Hopefully if everyone stays aware, everyone can spend more time training, less time scootching around and everyone stays relatively safe from an accidental hand or foot shooting out and hitting them. Yay!

For a harmonious training space, please keep this in mind. Thank you.

How does your academy deal with sets that run too closely together, especially academies with smaller training spaces?



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3 responses to “BJJ and Spatial Awareness

  1. Jaime de Sa

    My academy doesn’t have an official policy when it comes to keeping away from each other while rolling.

    What we usually do when we partner up is one person in the pair is assigned as a “look out” to make sure the pair is not getting too close to another pair and vice versa.

    Rank doesn’t matter, if a pair is getting too close everyone should take a second to move out of the way.

    One of the ways we try to control it is to not go nuts during a roll. My academy focuses on self defense and not tournament-style BJJ so we are encouraged to go slow, focus on technique and it seems to help.

    Of course some partners go a little nuts so our instructor will come out and verbally shame them for how they are training and interfering with other people training because they are invading their space. It’s pretty effective.

  2. We get a lot of “SPATIAL AWARENESS” yelling if things get too crazy. We’re pretty small right now, so luckily it doesn’t happen too much, but normally the set that moves is the one that has migrated too far across the mat. If we started in the right corner and are now in the middle we’ll go back over towards the corner since we ‘invaded’, LOL.

  3. We crash into each other all the time during rolls at my club, whoever’s moved into the others space seems to get out of the way again. Usually both pairs will just pause and move apart though. No rank pulling really.
    Isn’t it bizarre how you can take all the care in the world to begin a grapple away from others, yet still end up on top of them!

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