Tape Armor!

So, you know how you buy those rolls of medical tape, and then you have to use your teeth to rip the tape lengthwise in half to get the right width for your fingers and toes?

Well, one Jiu jitsu guy got tired of it as well and made specifically thin-width rolls of medical tape, and called it Tape Armor! I think it’s a pretty pretty brilliant idea. Just, ignore the logo and how it looks like you’re being flipped off, and check out the site.



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5 responses to “Tape Armor!

  1. That *is* pretty brilliant and I need to pass that on to my guys since they long ago go tired of pulling off a strip and then trying to tear it down to size and instead started shredding the tape ON the roll. So we have lots of rolls of tape with a quarter-inch torn off along one side…

  2. I thought skinny tape was already available…

    • Katie

      Not that I’m aware of. If so, awesome, but when I did a quick google search all I found was this product and a bunch of unrelated links.

  3. Trina

    Perfect timing! Just broke a second finger in sixth months! Thanks!!

  4. dubious dom

    It’s 13 dollars for the same amount of tape I can already get for 2 dollars… I’ll tip my own tape and save that 11 dollars.

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